The Future of Sustainable Tourism in East Africa  

East Africa is an emerging region for sustainable  tourism methods and travel.

What is Sustainable Tourism?  

Sustainability education and practices have been on the rise in recent years due to increases in  climate change and more documentaries bringing light to this precarious situation the world is  in. The trend started in the food sector, made its way to the fashion industry, and has now laid  roots in the tourism industry.  

Sustainability is the overall topic but what does it mean to travel industry? 

Eco-tourism and sustainable travel is taking the three main pillars of sustainability and applying  them to the travel and hospitality industry. 

This means finding ways to limit the environmental, cultural, and economic impact on a  destination while conserving and preserving that land and nation. 

How East Africa is a Sustainable Tourism Destination  

East Africa is an extremely diverse landscape, environment, and culture – which makes it the  perfect sustainable tourism destination.  

East Africa has made major strides to become an eco destination that include preserving the  land and its wildlife, developing organizations to help sustain the area, and giving back to the  community.  

The geography of East Africa makes this region a favorite among eco tourists. The land is often  used for hiking, nature walks, and animal viewing. Safaris are a major draw to this area and  these tours often help in educating the public about animal conservation and are a major  contributor to the local economies. 

With off the beaten path and outdoor experiences, East African destinations are lowering the  carbon footprint in the area for locals and tourists. Many destinations and tour guides in the  East Africa region promote excursions that immerse the traveler in the culture of Africa and the  beauty of the wildlife. People often visit to create memories on the safari, hike mountains, and  take breathtaking wildlife photography. Between excursions, explorers are encouraged to learn  more about the villages and towns they stay in to get the true African experience. 

Why Sustainable Tourism in East Africa is the Future 

Sustainable tourism in East Africa is incredibly important to not just the region but to the world.  The impact East Africa has on the world is immense. This area is home to some of the greatest  but most endangered species.  

The residents of this region are continually working to protect these species and find more  ways to reserve this land. 

Ways East Africa is currently creating an eco environment are ditching outdated energy  methods like fire and charcoal burning and using clean energy sources like solar and wind  power and educating tourists on water conservation methods and enforcing them in lodges. 

Human wildlife conflict resolution in East Africa has taken a lot of energy and effort to  

Governments and locals have been working towards human wildlife conflict resolutions to help  protect the wildlife, livestock, and farms in the area. By developing non-intrusive methods to  protecting each, these efforts are benefiting the people, economy, environment, and wildlife.  

By protecting this region, East Africa is protecting the world and teaching other regions and  areas how to protect their own area. East Africa is the start of sustainable travel but pathing the  way for others to be more sustainable in their own land, too.