How to Get the Best Out of Your Safari 

Read these tips to give yourself the ultimate safari adventure with VEA 

Why go on Safari?

Safaris are one of the biggest draws to the East Africa area. They offer adventurers a front row view of the wildlife and culture of the region, whilst providing opportunities to see a vast array of animals in their natural habitat. Safaris are their own world of wonder and when experienced, you are one with nature and its inhabitants. Safaris at VEA are designed with our adventurers in mind. Whether you want to learn more about conservation, take quality and extraordinary wildlife photography, or to take off on your own adventure – we are with you every step of the way. 

Choosing the Right Safari 

There are many things to consider when choosing your safari adventure. The first thing to consider is – what type of safari adventure are you looking for? Are you looking to camp, glamp, or stay in a luxurious lodge? Do you want to take the wheel and find your own path or are you calling dibs on the passenger seat with your camera out the window? Are you a wing it type of adventurer or a stick to the plan? Where do you want to be? What type of animals are you hoping to see? These are all questions to consider when choosing your safari. At VEA we believe collaboration is key and we can help you create a list of what is important to you, making sure every aspect of your adventure it tailor made. 

Packing for Your Safari 

Contrary to what one might believe, East Africa can get cold at night. People often forget that it is imperative to pack layers for the mornings and nights but lightweight options for the day when trekking through the jungle. Other clothes and apparel items to bring include comfortable shoes to walk all day in, hat to protect your head from the sun, and hiking boots if you’re doing some gorilla trekking. Besides clothing, you will want to have a camera to commemorate your trip, toiletries to help you get comfortable at night, and snacks and water to fuel you through the day. Depending on the type of safari you are going on and if you are traveling with a safari guide, many items may be covered for you. Be sure to ask your guide before traveling for tips on what to bring and what they will be providing. 

Make the Most of Your Safari 

The world of safaris can be tricky to navigate but when done right, can take you on your greatest getaway. The most important aspect of going on a safari is finding the one that best fits you. To really get the most out of your safari, find what matters to you and keep your sense of adventure alive. Go out there and be patient and open to exploration and remember the animals will come when they feel comfortable, too. Relax and enjoy your safari.