Residents of East Africa are generally friendly, warm and welcoming people. Most visitors find that they have very positive experiences and feel very safe on their travels. That said, as with all international travel, caution is recommended.

Valuables: Keep your money and passport with you at all times. Use caution at ATM’s. Leave your expensive jewelry at home; don’t check valuables in checked baggage.

Cities and Towns:  Do not walk unescorted into remote or dangerous looking areas. Women, especially, should be careful to dress conservatively, carry little money or equipment, and to use caution. Be wary of people who try to help you too aggressively.

In the Bush: Never walk unescorted, especially in tented camps and lodges, especially at night. Wildlife could be anywhere. If you are camping in a tent with no toilet facilities, consider keeping an empty bottle or container and toilet paper in your tent for those late night emergencies.